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Breathe in New Life

Creating safe spaces for you to explore your inner landscape and become a safe haven for your own community.

Somatic Breath Activation

The Somatic Breath Activation is a heart-opening breathwork technique with the possibilities for profound clarity, release, revelations, connection and a renewed sense of inner wisdom and purpose. 


You will always receive what you need. And it may not be what you expect.

The Somatic Breath Activation technique is a controlled sympathetic nervous system activation coupled with vagus nerve stimulation. When we are in a safe, loving space when we activate our sympathetic nervous system, we experience long-term improvements in wellbeing, inner trust and resilience, as well as a decrease in overall anxiety and stress. These sessions allow us to subconsciously and consciously release old stories and conditioning, allowing us to let go of what doesn’t truly align with our highest self and purpose.

Energy can sometimes get stuck in the body when we have to contract to survive. The SBA invites us into the body (somatic) to process old energy, whether or not there is a conscious experience.

The possibilities for every session are directed by your own intention.

During an SBA session, the body opens its channels to move energy throughout the body and to receive divine wisdom from external and internal sources. You're invited to drop out of your head and allow your somatic vessel to move energy and wisdom organically through the body.

Each session you receive exactly what you need, and it may not be what you expect. 

The feels? Tapping into emotions, release, breakthroughs, revelation, exploration, inner wisdom, ancestral access, divine guidance, spirit guide visits, opening to the unknown. Past Somatic Breath Activation clients experience a significant decrease in stress, anxiety and depression and a huge overall improvement in every area of their daily lives.


A full-access or donation based breathwork and somatic membership portal to support you in your inner transformation journey. 

Starting as low as $1/mo 

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Creator and Founder of Somatic Breath Activation

Meet your Founder
and Facilitator

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea holds the soul mission to connect humans with their highest self, community and nature. She is a talented spiritual & embodiment coach, retreat creatrix, medicine woman, mentor to space holders and heart-centered entrepreneurs, intuitive Ceremonialist, meditation guide and more. Chelsea is the creator of the Somatic Breath Activation, a powerful breathwork technique that unleashes truth and power. In her sacred circles, gatherings and retreats, she curates an environment for rewilding, authenticity and inner transformation.


Have you been feeling the call to hold safe, sacred spaces & facilitate the Somatic Breath Activation?

Facilitator of Somatic Breath Activation at a Retreat

Find a Certified Facilitator

Our global community is expanding! Find a Certified Somatic Breathwork Facilitator in your area. 


Join us In-Person

Experience the Somatic Breath Activation technique and experience loving space held for you at a future retreat. 

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