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 Unlock the power of your breath and transform your life. This all-access membership portal is created for you to connect to your power and unlock deeper layers of your truth. BreathVault includes a variety of tools including breathwork sessions, somatic practices, and guest knowledge- all to support you in receiving exactly what you need on your journey.

BreathVault is an all-access breathwork and somatic membership portal.

This portal was created to support your exploration of self.


A space to embrace your authenticity.

A place where you can experience and accept all parts of you. 

BreathVault Includes:


All recorded breathwork sessions


Somatic practices


Rituals & Ceremonies

Guest expert knowledge


and more!

BreathVault can impact your life in profound and unpredictable ways. When you have space to slow down and connect deeper with yourself, your life inevitably becomes more aligned and more enjoyable. This space was created so you can do just that....

Hang out with YOU.

Membership Options

Join for $29/mo  -  Annually for $299

Join for as low as $1/month


I had the most amazing Somatic Breath Activation with Chelsea!! The way she moves us through the session is very guided and supportive! Her voice is so soothing, so the whole experience was everything I really needed to break through some of my trauma. I would highly recommend this!! 

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Meet your Founder
and Facilitator

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea holds the soul mission to connect humans with their highest self, community and nature. She is a talented spiritual & embodiment coach, retreat creatrix, medicine woman, mentor to space holders and heart-centered entrepreneurs, intuitive Ceremonialist, meditation guide and more. Chelsea is the creator of the Somatic Breath Activation, a powerful breathwork technique that unleashes truth and power. In her sacred circles, gatherings and retreats, she curates an environment for rewilding, authenticity and inner transformation.


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Somatic Practices

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Somatic Breath Activation

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Guest Experts



Plus, receive exclusive discounts to courses!

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